Avoiding Concrete Encasement

With the exponential increase in the SIPRNet access points, the traditional protection methods of encasing building-to-building uplinks in concrete, per the guidance of CNSSI 7003, have become extremely costly, disruptive and time consuming, as well as an environmental concern.

In lieu of spending hundreds of thousands of dollars to encase conduit runs in concrete, the INTERCEPTOR™ Optical Network Security System can protect those same links for a fraction of the cost. Multi-port INTERCEPTORs can protect up to four separate cable runs (even more through point-to-multipoint design) or remain available for deployment to protect future SIPRNet requirements as they occur – with no additional cost of delay. Even when concrete encasement is not required, manholes need to be locked or alarmed. INTERCEPTOR alleviates this requirement.

In a deployment at a joint DOD command, INTERCEPTOR saved more than $700,000 compared to outdoor hardened PDS, $1 million compared to encryption, and increased bandwidth available to the war fighter by 100 fold.

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