INTERCEPTOR™: The Best Choice For The Protection Of SIPRNet And JWICS Networks. Here Are The Reasons Why…

Lowest PDS Deployment Cost and Complexity

INTERCEPTOR eliminates the high costs of materials and labor associated with the installation of concrete encasement in the outside plant and rigid metallic carrier inside the building.
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Advantageous Alternative to Encryption

As an alternative to encryption, INTERCEPTOR™ is cost effective, requires no COMSEC authorization and permits maximum bandwidth availability.
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Fail-Safe and Nuisance-Free Monitoring

Forget everything you know about alarmed carrier PDS…INTERCEPTOR’s Patented Smart Filtering™ Technology eliminates false alarms and operates on any fiber optic cable – All in One Little Box.
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Fully Approved and Proven PDS Solution

As an alarmed carrier hardened Protected Distribution System (PDS) compliant with the requirements of NSTISSI 7003, INTERCEPTOR™ is a fully approved alternative to encryption.
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INTERCEPTOR + Interlocking Armored Cable Offers Easy, Cost-Effective PDS Option

As an alternative to traditional hardened carrier systems (such as EMT or commercial secure raceway) generic interlocking armored cable alarmed by the Interceptor can now be used for securing SIPRNet and JWICS networks.
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