Unique Features

When writing specifications for an Alarmed PDS, consider these critical requirements:

  • Patented Intrinsic Fiber Monitoring™ protects every fiber in an optical cable by monitoring as few as one fiber within the cable making the entire cable sensitive to intrusion attempts.
  • Capable of monitoring hardened PDS pathways to detect intrusions into the carrier using the legacy Alarmed PDS technique of monitoring a sensing cable installed inside the pathway.
  • Monitors either active fibers carrying live traffic or dark unused fibers.
  • Monitors up to four continuous optical paths in only a single rack unit. Using Network Integrity System’s patented Hub and Spoke technology, a single INTERCEPTOR can provide protection for many dozens of end-user drops or multiple remote buildings.
  • Plug and Protect™ technology allows INTERCEPTOR to begin protecting immediately after attachment to the optical cable infrastructure.
  • Reports intrusions using any or all of the following mechanisms:
    • Dry-Contact Interface
    • E-mail/text page
    • SNMP Trap (using SNMPv3)
  • Derives monitoring thresholds from an automatic configuration or learning cycle or by using values manually entered by the operator.
  • Has the ability to generate a revised set of auto-configuration thresholds while continuing to monitor and protect the cable using the existing threshold values.
  • Detects disturbances to a fiber, which would cause attenuation of less than 0.01 dB, i.e. undetectable by traditional attenuation measurement.
  • Incorporates a management interface accessible by Telnet, SSH or direct serial connection.
  • Available in 62.5um and 50um multimode, and single mode versions.

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