Our Manhole Intrusion Detection System protects against unauthorized access to underground critical infrastructure pathways.

Prevent Data theft, copper theft and vandalism by detecting intruders in real-time and catching perpetrators in the act.

NIS is pleased to offer, as a compliment to our product line, a state-of-the-art, Manhole Protection System (MPS) to protect against access to underground critical infrastructure pathways.

Many customers deploy the MPS in conjunction with the INTERCEPTOR optical network security system. This complete defense-in-depth solution provides 24/7/365 intrusion detection monitoring of the manholes, handholes and communication junction sites to detect entry into the manhole system as well as detection of tampering with the infrastructure as a precursor to data theft (placing a fiber optic tap on the data cables), copper theft and vandalism.

MPS Solution Overview
The MPS fiber optic sensors is based on state of the art fiber optic technology and uses light to sense position. MPS sensors contain no electronic components, require no electrical power, and emit no signals. Because no electricity is involved at any MPS sensor location, the sensors are intrinsically safe under all conditions. A MPS system will continuously monitor the position of manhole and handhole covers and immediately report a change at any cover.

Thousands of covers may be monitored simultaneously, and every cover is individually identified and mapped. Individual identification allows exact location of any attempt to access underground communication systems through a manhole and/or handhole on which a sensor has been installed, and facilitates an immediate focused response by security or law enforcement personnel via the CyberSecure Infrastructure Monitoring System (IMS) Alarm Management software application, the same IMS that the INTERCEPTOR CS utilizes.

More information coming soon.  In the meantime, contact us with questions or inquiries.

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