Fail-Safe and Nuisance-Free Monitoring

Because INTERCEPTOR technology is not an adaptation of perimeter security (fiber fence) technology, as are legacy alarm carrier systems, it is optimized to detect tampering or intrusions into fiber optic network cabling. This difference is critical: Perimeter security technology attempts to detect movement caused by acoustic vibrations of the duct or cable pathway. INTERCEPTOR technology is designed to detect motion or manipulation of the optical fibers carrying the National Security Information.

Interceptor has eliminated the false alarms which plaque legacy alarm carrier products because it incorporates patented Smart Filtering™ technology; this results in a zero false alarm incident rate. Smart Filtering technology works by optimizing Interceptor’s protection profile establishing a precise signature of the cable being protected and the normal day-to-day activities that happen around it (vibrations from HVAC systems, traffic rolling over buried cables, seismic activity, etc.). Benign events are thus ignored.

Legacy alarm carrier systems require a separate proprietary sensing fiber to monitor the cable pathway. In contrast, INTERCEPTOR uses a few fibers within the cables being protected to monitor the entire cable for intrusion. By eliminating the need for an external sensing fiber, INTERCEPTOR can protect cables that are not contained in ridged metallic conduit systems. This allows you to upgrade pre-existing cables to carry secure traffic without the need to construct a hardened carrier system.

Click here for a comparison chart of optical monitoring technologies.

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