Alarm Management & Software Integration

INTERCEPTOR™ supports multiple integration options for responding to alarms and managing Standard Operating Procedures (SOP).  This enables many options for compliance with CNSSI 7003 (formally NSTISSI 7003) and other government agency secure network deployment regulations.



Customized Systems or Applications

The INTERCEPTOR API is designed to support highly customizable modules within other existing systems, to create purpose-built systems, or develop software applications, such as CyberSecure IMS, that perform advanced management of the INTERCEPTOR integrated tightly with your SOP. Integration can include automated SOP-driven data shut-off for any zone determined to be at risk. Often these types of solutions are developed for deployments of large numbers of INTERCEPTORs where many stakeholders, zone types, and facilities are involved.  These solutions can include mobile device integration or remote management of the network and the INTERCEPTORs for an enterprise approach to support of the Protective Distribution Systems (PDS) and secure networks on a campus or base.

NIS is pleased to announce the availability of the industry leading customized software application for advanced Alarmed-PDS management (CyberSecure IMS), bundled with a specialized version of INTERCEPTOR, called INTERCEPTOR CS which contains advanced features.  

Network Management System (NMS)

Network Management System (NMS) integration enables customers to receive and respond to events from a number of INTERCEPTORs within their environment using a single dashboard.  INTERCEPTOR incorporation with any NMS is made easy by leveraging standards-based protocols and events from the INTERCEPTOR.  Your existing NMS, or system of choice, can quickly begin responding to events leveraging SNMP and Syslog data from the INTERCEPTOR.  NMS integration can include advanced features that, for example, manage INTERCEPTOR and zone statuses, respond to alarms by sending email or other notifications to ensure the right personnel are notified, and provide information such as network infrastructure or facility details related to an alarm event.

Facility & Remote Alarm Systems

Integration with Facility Intrusion Detection Systems (IDS) & Remote Alarm Systems can turn INTERCEPTOR into another security device within your building. INTERCEPTOR can be integrated with facility alarm systems (to include correlating INTERCEPTOR zone alarms with floor plans, security cameras etc. as part of the SOP), or the INTERCEPTOR Remote Alarm Unit, enabling audible and visible alarms at locations of choice within the building.  INTERCEPTOR can be integrated physically on a channel-by-channel basis to isolate alarms, leveraging INTERCEPTOR’s built-in relay contacts.


What’s Right for You?

Many customers in today’s environment have complex requirements for dozens or more INTERCEPTORs. Please contact Network Integrity Systems to discuss your requirements for this type of solution and we will recommend Certified Partners that leverage INTERCEPTOR’s interfaces to integrate with your existing systems, or to deploy a custom, scaleable, mission-focused solution.

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