INTERCEPTORâ„¢ CS Cross Domain Communications Unit (XDU)

The Cross-Domain Communications Unit (XDU), part of the INTERCEPTORâ„¢ CS layer-1 cyber security solution, provides 100% isolation from SIPRNet communications, enabling organizations to add INTERCEPTOR alarm notification across the NIPRNet. Now notification of alarms can be received at any time and from anywhere.

The INTERCEPTOR CS is an enhanced product optimized for use with the CyberSecure IMS software interface over a SIPRNet connection. Until now, simultaneous alarm notification over NIPRNet and SIPRNet was not authorized. With the addition of the XDU, our customers now have the option of sending concurrent alarm notifications out over NIPRNet and SIPRNet.


The INTERCEPTOR CS sends out a separate, one-way optical signal to the XDU. The XDU receives the optical data stream, interprets the information, and transmits alarm status over RJ45 as an SNMP trap. Using this method, the NIPRNet connection is fully isolated from the SIPRNet connection.

Features & Benefits:

  • Full INTERCEPTOR Functionality
  • 1000 BASE-T Ethernet Alarm Reporting
  • CyberSecure IMS Integration
  • Fully isolated Ethernet port
  • No Interaction between NIPR and SIPR
  • SNMP v3 traps ideal for NIRPNet
  • Unidirectional communication

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