Lowest PDS Deployment Cost and Complexity

In lieu of spending hundreds of thousands of dollars to encase conduit runs in concrete, a single INTERCEPTOR can protect those same links for a fraction of the cost. Multi-port Interceptors can protect up to four separate cable runs (even more through creative concatenation of the cables) or remain available for deployment to protect future SIPIPRNet requirements as they occur–with no additional cost or delay… Click here for an Application Note for using Interceptor as an alternative to concrete encasement.

Using INTERCEPTOR™ to monitor the optical cables transmitting the national security information enables the EMT or metallic conduit carrying the network cabling to be installed hidden above the ceiling or below a raised floor and eliminates the daily requirement for Periodic Visual Inspections (PVIs) of the hardened raceway. This results in lower operational costs, increased security, improved building aesthetics, and vastly enhanced scalability of the network. … Click here for an Application Note for using Interceptor in SIPRNet Deployments to SCIFs, Work Centers, or Individual Users Inside of Buildings

And based on a recent Air Force policy change, and in certain cases within Army and Navy, the rigid metallic conduit PDS system can be replaced with Interlocking Armored Optical Cables that are protected with INTERCEPTOR™, resulting in even more dramatic savings in material and labor. Click here for more information

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