Non-Compliant PDS

With the growing demand for secure networks, many cable systems that were originally constructed without a PDS are now operating under conditional Authority to Operate (ATO). Due to the increased importance of modern C4 networks and the threats against them, maintaining the security and availability of these networks is essential – which is why many historical waivers for cable systems are being rescinded or scheduled to expire. In many cases, the options for bringing network security into compliance present a choice between the use of encryption or making significant changes to the cable infrastructure and pathways in order to construct a traditional PDS.

Many of our customers have cables carrying Secret and above traffic that are installed inside of a hardened PDS system.  However, the PDS goes through places that are either not conducive to performing the required periodic visual inspections (PVIs) of the hardened PDS systems or where manpower issues limit routine inspections.

The INTERCEPTOR™ Optical Network Security System can be added to existing cables carried in legacy hardened PDS and mitigates most issues of non-compliance due to its persistent monitoring for intrusions into the PDS. An added benefit is that the need for PVIs is eliminated because the system is now considered an Alarmed Carrier Hardened Distribution System (Reference CNSSI 7003).

How does this help with waivers that will not be renewed? Unlike legacy alarmed carrier systems, with INTERCEPTOR an external sensing fiber does not need to be installed within the hardened system. Instead, the INTERCEPTOR uses patented monitoring technology that takes two or more fibers of the data cable being protected and turns the entire length of the cable system into a sensor – from the equipment room to the user drop .  Therefore, INTERCEPTOR can be rapidly added to new or existing network infrastructure, making migration from a waivered PDS system to a fully compliant PDS system quick and cost effective.

For information on our INTERCEPTOR CS product which provides a complete end-to-end PDS solution including the ability to centrally manage alarms and create site-specific standard operating procedures, click here.

We encourage our customers to contact one of our Certified Partners about your specific requirements and to maximize your deployment.


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