INTERCEPTOR+Plus™ Optical Network Security System (For Active Fiber Monitoring)

The INTERCEPTOR+Plus uses patented technology to monitor active (data transmitting) or dark (spare, unused) fibers within the cables requiring protection to detect unauthorized tampering with the infrastructure. INTERCEPTOR’s smart-filtering™ technology eliminates false alarms by learning the normal day-to-day activity within the environment.



The INTERCEPTOR+Plus monitors two or more active or dark within the cables carrying the secure traffic.  A Remote Termination Unit (RTU) is required for each pair of active fibers used for monitoring. The INTERCEPTOR+Plus has an integrated optical shutter capable of interrupting the data path on the monitored fibers when an intrusion attempt is detected. This makes the INTERCEPTOR+Plus ideal for protecting critical fiber circuits.  When monitoring active fibers, the INTERCEPTOR+Plus can only be used in point-to-point applications, for instance, to protect homerun cables from a switch to an end-user drop, or trunk cables providing uplinks to zone-boxes or remote buildings. When monitoring dark fibers, the INTERCEPTOR+Plus can be used in a patented hub and spoke arrangement like the INTERCEPTOR model providing protection for multiple remote buildings or several hundred user-drops inside of a facility.


Example of a Point-to-Point Configuration

INTERCEPTOR can be used in a variety of applications and network architectures. INTERCEPTOR also supports multiple integration options for responding to alarms and managing Standard Operating Procedures (SOP).

INTERCEPTOR+Plus™ Part Numbers

The standard INTERCEPTOR+Plus comes with the optical connections located on the front panel and a fixed, non-field replaceable power supply.  Models are available with the optical connections located on the rear panel and with removable/replaceable power supply units.

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