INTERCEPTOR™ Optical Network Security System (For Dark Fiber Monitoring)

The INTERCEPTOR, an Intelligent™-PDS, uses patented technology to monitor dark (spare, unused) fibers within the cables requiring protection to detect unauthorized tampering of the infrastructure. INTERCEPTOR’s smart-filtering™ technology eliminates false alarms by learning the normal day-to-day activity within the environment.


The INTERCEPTOR monitors two or more dark fibers within the cables carrying the secure traffic. Using patented hub and spoke monitoring configuration, a single INTERCEPTOR can monitor up to eight continuous optical circuits in only a single rack space, providing protection for multiple remote buildings or several hundred user-drops inside of a facility (see example below).  Optical loopback devices are required at each drop to create the optical circuit.


Example of a Point-to-Point Configuration

Example of a Point-to-Multipoint Configuration

INTERCEPTOR can be used in a variety of applications and network architectures. INTERCEPTOR also supports multiple integration options for responding to alarms and managing Standard Operating Procedures (SOP).

Click here for an INTERCEPTOR Features Comparison to learn more about the differences between the  INTERCEPTOR and INTERCEPTOR CS.


The standard INTERCEPTOR comes with the optical connections located on the front panel and a fixed, non-field replaceable power supply.  Models are available with the optical connections located on the rear panel and with removable/replaceable power supply units.  In addition, multimode INTERCEPTORS have the ability to be configured with desensitized lead-in cable (DLC).


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