INTERCEPTOR™ Remote Termination Unit (RTU)

The INTERCEPTOR™ Remote Termination Unit (RTU), for rackmounted applications, is used in combination with an INTERCEPTOR+Plus™ Optical Network Security System to monitor active fibers in optical cables. To monitor active fibers, an INTERCEPTOR+Plus Optical Network Security System is used to transmit a monitoring signal down the fibers being protected. At the far end of the cable link a second device is necessary in order to return the monitoring signal to the INTERCEPTOR+Plus. While a second INTERCEPTOR+Plus Optical Network Security System could be used to accomplish the task, in most cases the additional functionality resulting from this configuration is not worth the added expense. Instead, the INTERCEPTOR Remote Termination Unit (RTU) can be used at the remote end of the installation as an economical alternative while still providing the essential functionality. 


INTERCEPTOR™ Remote Termination Unit

Typical Active Fiber Installation Using a Remote Termination Unit

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