INTERCEPTOR™ Alarm Reporting Devices

INTERCEPTOR supports multiple integration options for responding to alarms and managing Standard Operating Procedures (SOP).  Click here for information on all of our Alarm Managment & Software Integration options.


INTERCEPTOR Remote Alarm Unit

The INTERCEPTOR Remote Alarm Unit (RAU) provides audible and visible notification when an intrusion is detected by the INTERCEPTOR.

The RAU consist of an audible alarm, visible alarm, power on indicator (LED), and screw terminal connections on the rear panel. The RAU will activate when the two screw terminals on its rear panel are connected together, such as with the normally open relay contacts on the rear panel of an Interceptor. The closed relay contacts will complete the circuit and activate the annunciator and lamp on the front panel of the RAU.


RAU-D (Desk Top)
RAU-R (Rack Mount)



To download a printable version of our line card, click here.


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