Inside Plant: Point-to-Multipoint

The INTERCEPTOR™ Optical Network Security System is the most cost effective method of protecting high-density, logically clustered groups of SIPR drops in point-to-multipoint (hub-and-spoke or zone architecture) applications.


LAN Point-to-Multipoint

Using patented technology the INTERCEPTOR turns the entire data cables in to a sensor.  INTERCEPTOR versions include dark (spare) and active fiber monitoring options. Click for product information.


Example of a Point-to-Multipoint Architecture

For information on using Network Integrity System’s patented point-to-multipoint monitoring in Passive Optical Network Architectures, see our Secure-PON page.

For information on our INTERCEPTOR CS product which provides a complete end-to-end PDS solution including the ability to centrally manage alarms and create site-specific standard operating procedures, click here.

We encourage our customers to contact one of our Certified Partners about your specific requirements and to maximize your deployment.

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