The StopLight™ Optical Interface, enhances performance, reliability and security of your fiber optic network monitoring system and Alarmed PDS

Network Integrity Systems, the leader in network infrastructure cyber security, offers the StopLightTM Optical Interface, a remotely configurable fiber optic panel which interfaces with the INTERCEPTOR or VANGUARD fiber optic network monitoring system to solve many of the day-to-day challenges facing customers who have previously deployed a fiber optic monitoring systems (Alarmed Carrier PDS) and have experienced a reduction in resources.

The StopLight reduces on-going maintenance costs and eliminates the need for physical resources as it has the ability to perform and document the alarm carrier performance verification process required monthly, weekly or daily (depending on the level of classification) by CNSSI 7003 (formally NSTISSI 7003) as well as periodic inspections of the alarmed infrastructure for any size building.

It also simplifies alarm response management and the need for 24/7/365 response personnel by having the ability to shut off data in alarmed zones and limit access to classified information during an intrusion attempt while continuing to monitor the Alarmed PDS network.

StopLightTM Features:

  • Software Controlled Automated Periodic testing of up to 100% of the Alarmed PDS fibers.
  • Software Controlled On/Off Switch per Port to disable classified data after hours.
  • Automated / customized periodic test reports emailed out after each periodic test period.
  • Capable of random scheduled testing at any periodic interval.
  • Supports Single-Mode and Multi-Mode Fiber Interfaces
  • Uses 2D-MEMS (Micro Electro Mechanical System) Technology to simulate fiber damage during testing
  • Available in increments of 32 ports
  • Centrally Managed by CyberSecure IMS

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