Unoccupied New Construction

With new construction, the network infrastructure is installed well before the building is occupied. During the period of time from construction to occupancy, a device could be placed on the network cabling that would go unnoticed and could be used in the future to tap the data transmissions once the network is operating.

The INTERCEPTOR™ Optical Network Security System gives network security managers the ability to protect networks in newly constructed buildings, even before the network is turned on. By installing the INTERCEPTOR at the same time the network is installed, information assurance managers can be confident that the network infrastructure will not be compromised prior to turning up the network. INTERCEPTOR monitors dark (inactive) fibers, and with its remote monitoring capabilities, appropriate personnel are immediately alerted to any tampering with the installed infrastructure.

INTERCEPTOR + Interlocking Armored Cable

For new military construction projects where the design has not yet been finalized, INTERCEPTOR can be used along with an interlocking armored fiber optic cable to completely eliminate all requirements for EMT or rigid metallic conduit. Supporting the increased focus on LEED and green building criteria, this can save literally miles of steel or aluminum pipes from being installed throughout the facility.

Using armored cables in place of the rigid conduit significantly reduces the installation time and complexity and dramatically streamlines the logistics and pre-planning to procure and stage the required EMT. By leveraging the INTERCEPTOR and armored cable solution, the cost of providing SIPRNET and JWICS network connections is a fraction of what it traditionally has been – while providing exponentially greater security and availability of the network.

For information on our INTERCEPTOR CS product which provides a complete end-to-end PDS solution including the ability to centrally manage alarms and create site-specific standard operating procedures, click here.

We encourage our customers to contact one of our Certified Partners about your specific requirements and to maximize your deployment.


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