Introducing the PULSE Sensor Verification System

Pulse Shield

At Network Integrity Systems, we design our sensor technology to be reliable and accurate at detecting intrusion attempts or other events on perimeter and communications network infrastructure.  Then, we take it a step further and invest significant time and resources into thinking through sophisticated attack possibilities and designing our systems to protect against these attacks. Now, we are introducing the PULSE™ Sensor Verification System.  When coupled with our FOCUS™ Sensing Solutions, this patent pending technology provides unparalleled assurance that your intrusion detection system is always operating exactly as it was commissioned and has not been compromised in any way.

  • Detect any changes in the state of your sensing system, scheduled or on-demand
  • Test on a schedule, or on-demand, with no interruption to intrusion detection
  • Make even the most sophisticated attacks exponentially more difficult

 Click here to learn more.  Click here to download the PULSE brochure.




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