Sensor Verification System

Is your detection as strong
as it could be?

Pulse Shield


Introducing the PULSE™ Sensor Verification System

The latest innovation from NIS that allows you to measure the effectiveness of your sensing solution on a continual basis. 

With the PULSE™ Verifier, you can:

  • Detect any change in the state of your sensing system, scheduled or on-demand
  • Test on a schedule, or on-demand, with no interruption to intrusion detection 
  • Make even the most sophisticated attacks exponentially more difficult

Why do I need PULSE™ with my FOCUS technology system?

At Network Integrity Systems (NIS), we design our sensor technology to be incredibly reliable and accurate at detecting intrusion attempts or other events on perimeter and communications network infrastructure. That is why we are the leaders in the industry and have deployed thousands of systems around the globe to support the U.S. Government and Military’s efforts in securing classified networks, especially in the local area network (LAN) space.   

 NIS has expanded its technology portfolio to include the INTERCEPTOR FOCUS™ and VANGUARD FOCUS™ Optical Intrusion Detection Systems, designed to meet the unique needs of long-haul infrastructure monitoring for both US Government and Commercial customers.  Since long-haul network infrastructure is located outside of controlled environmentstheir pathways are more vulnerable to intentional intrusions, theft, or accidental damage.  These risks are compounded by the fact that events are typically difficult to discover, locate, and prevent 

 NIS’ extensive background in protecting the nation’s most critical networks gives us insight into the serious nature of network infrastructure vulnerabilities.  We understand that the reliability of our products has to exceed that of other industrial or enterprise solutions and that, although we make every effort to ensure our products are as impenetrable as possible, our enemies will learn to target and potentially breach any detection mechanism.  NIS therefore invests significant time and resources into ensuring our detection capabilities are always state-of-the-art by thinking though sophisticated attack vectors that could take place and designing our systems to protect against these attacks.  In our view, the possibility of an assumed-protected network unknowingly falling into a weakened or compromised stateor potentially being spoofed by a sophisticated adversary or insider threat would be catastrophic.  Because of this threat potential, NIS has recently developed the PULSE™ Sensor Verification System.  When coupled with our FOCUS™ Sensing Solutions, this patent pending technology provides unparalleled assurance that your intrusion detection system is always operating exactly as it was commissioned and not compromised in any way. 


How does PULSE™ work?

The innovative PULSE solution creates a unique heartbeat on the FOCUS sensor to allow detection of any type of change in the state of the sensor itself, thereby verifying that it is always operating as commissioned.  Any variation in or lack of heartbeat is an indication that the systems state of detection has changed, or been altered, and should be investigated. 

Pulse Diagram Draft-1

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Power Input 100/240V, 250mA 60/50Hz 
IEC C14 3-Position Connector 

Operating Temperature 0°C – 45°C 
Storage Temperature -10°C – 50°C 
Operating Humidity 20% – 80% Non-Condensing 

1U high, 19″ Rack Mountable 
H x W x D: 45 x 432 x 368 mm 
H x W x D: 1.75 x 17.0 x 14.5 inches 

6.8 kg (15 lbs) 

Local Management 
Test initialization button 

Remote Management 
RS232 Serial: Console Access 
1000BaseT Ethernet: SSHv2, Telnet, SNMPv2c, SNMPv3 

Alarm Management 
SNMPv2c, SNMPv3, Syslog, 
Self-Test Heartbeat LED Indicator 
Email, SMS alerts

1 Input port
1 Output port
SC/APC Duplex Connectors

Industry Certifications & Features 
PULSE is IEC Class 1, CDRH Class 1 rated

For specifications on all other products and extended warranty and support plans, please refer to our website at www.networkintegritysystems.com 

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