Security Solutions to Detect Cyber Attacks on Network Infrastructure & Perimeter Intrusions

Since 2003, Network Integrity Systems has applied its expertise in optical fiber monitoring to prevent physical cyber attacks on network infrastructure. Our solutions perform continuous analysis of cables, pathways and points of vulnerability such as manholes, and equipment cabinets and look for intrusions that occur as a precursor to a physical cyber attack (tapping, theft of data) or damage that could degrade network performance or availability.

Incorporating the same optical fiber sensing technology, our new perimeter intrusion detection solutions are designed to monitor barrier fence lines to detect attempts to climb-over, tunnel-under or cut-through; providing a physical layer of security for protecting personnel, property and equipment.



Network Infrastructure Security For US Government, Military & Defense Contractors


Network Infrastructure Security For Critical Infrastructure, Data Centers & Enterprise


Fence Mounted Perimeter Security For All Sectors

Our Complete, Integrated Solution Can Be Centrally Managed by One State-of-the-Art Software Suite.

When Bundled With Our Enterprise Alarm Management Software System (CyberSecure), Remote Monitoring and Management of Our Alarm Devices Is Capable.  Additionally, CyberSecure Generates Customized Standard Operating Procedures, Eliminates Nuisance Alarms and Integrates with Ancillary Devices to Shut-Off Data and More.

When Integrated With Our Ancillary Physical Intrusion Sensing Products, INTERCEPTOR, VANGUARD & SENTINEL Create a Complete Infrastructure Protection System.


Government, DoD & Defense Contractors

Private Enterprise


Data Centers & Web Service Providers

Critical Infrastructure

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