The SENTINEL FOCUSNX is our next generation, long-range, fiber optic sensor that utilizes Distributed Acoustic Sensing (DAS) to detect and pinpoint the exact location of intrusions on a perimeter.  


How It Works

A centrally located SENTINEL FOCUSNX sends and receives light into and from optical fibers that are covertly buried and/or fence-mounted or wall-mounted along borders and facility perimeters. When physical intrusions create vibrations that reach the optical fibers, the interrogator discerns changes in the light. Then, machine learning-based Al instantly and simultaneously classifies and locates the multiple physical intrusions.

User-Friendly and Customizable Software Integration

In real-time, a user-friendly and customizable graphical user interface displays a border and/or facility perimeter map, denotes the location of detected physical intrusions, and provides actionable data. Detection and alarms can be integrated into SENTINEL FOCUSNX to immediately trigger silent or audible alarms and/or activate security resources-such as personnel, cameras, or drones in the field--which can prompt the intruder's retreat or lead to apprehension. Actionable data, such as date, time, location, and classification, can be stored locally or remotely for future reference and data analytics. Additionally, for a single SENTINEL FOCUSNX and over the length of a single optical fiber, the software can be customized for multiple types of borders and facility perimeters that have a wide range of field conditions.



  Identifies disturbances such as vehicle/person approach, digging, cutting, climbing, and fabric lift
  Extreme sensitivity using next generation DAS technology
  Detects intrusions along perimeters up to 50km in length (per port)
  Pinpoints the exact location of intrusion events
  Low installation cost, using a single strand of telecommunications grade optical fiber
  Immune to EMI/RFI and lightning
  Pinpoints the exact location of intrusion events, 
  No electronics or powered devices in the field
  Low Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)


Did You Know

SENTINEL FOCUS uses standard Single-mode Optical Fiber to identify walking, climbing, digging, or other activities around any type of perimeter.