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SENTINEL FOCUS™ is our long-range, state-of-the-art perimeter Distributed Acoustic Sensing (DAS) solution that immediately detects and identifies threats or intruders near a perimeter or border, while pinpointing its exact location.




SENTINEL FOCUS™ is a state-of-the-art Perimeter Intrusion Detection System with long-range monitoring capability that
 utilizes Distributed Acoustic Sensing (DAS) to detect and pinpoint the exact location of attempted intrusions into your 
perimeter. SENTINEL FOCUS can be deployed on any type of security fence to detect cutting and climbing, or it can be
buried to detect walking, digging or vehicle approach.
 By pulsing light down a single-mode sensing fiber, SENTINEL FOCUS can detect events anywhere along the perimeter, up 
to 40km in length, while pinpointing the location, down to 1-meter of resolution. SENTINEL FOCUS can be easily installed and 
integrated into your new or existing CCTV or Access Control system to increase your situational awareness and the security 
stance of your facility. The system is calibrated to provide very high Probability of Detection (PD) and extremely low
 Nuisance and False Alarm Rates (NAR/FAR).

SENTINEL FOCUS is also used in border protection applications as part of a Linear Ground Detection System (LGDS).  Used in border applications, the DAS technology can detect, identify, and locate border events with a simple and cost effective solution. 


  Identifies disturbances such as vehicle/person approach, digging, cutting, climbing, and fabric lift
  Extreme sensitivity using state-of-the-art DAS technology
  Detects intrusions along perimeters up to 40km in length
  Low installation cost, using a single strand of telecommunications grade optical fiber
  Immune to EMI/RFI and lightning
  Pinpoints the exact location of intrusion events, down to 1-meter of resolution
  No electronics or powered devices in the field
  Excellent Linear Ground Detection System (LGDS) integration capabilities
  Monitors entire perimeter across all terrains and in all environments
  Low Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)


SENTINEL FOCUS™ integrates with optional enterprise alarm management software systems, such as the CyberSecure IMS, enabling remote monitoring and management of alarm devices. This provides insight and situational awareness into when and where an intruder is looming, and provides tools for a quick and appropriate response.

For example, the CyberSecure IMS “Rapid Analysis Dashboard” provides:

  • Easy-to-use visual tools to monitor an entire office, building, campus or global network
  • Geo-location mapping identifies the location of the event on a map
  • Real-time optical warning system to help identify, analyze and react to a disturbance
  • Automatic notification via phone, email, SMS and/or audible/visual alarm
  • Supported Camera Assisted Inspections and ability to redirect IP security cameras
  • and much more...
Cybersecure Dashboard Diagram


Introducing the PULSE™ Sensor Verification System, available now for SENTINEL FOCUS™

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Did You Know

SENTINEL FOCUS uses standard Single-mode Optical Fiber to identify walking, climbing, digging, or other activities around any type of perimeter.