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VANGUARD FOCUS™ is our cutting-edge long-haul sensing solution that immediately detects and identifies any threat to your Enterprise network infrastructure, while pinpointing its exact location.


The Network Integrity Systems VANGUARD FOCUS™ Optical Intrusion Detection System utilizes Distributed Acoustic Sensing (DAS) technology to provide long range detection capability along with pinpoint location of any physical disturbances to your critical communications cables. The VANGUARD FOCUS sends pulsed laser light into a single strand of single-mode optical fiber and monitors the Rayleigh backscatter from the reflected light. The Rayleigh backscatter pattern changes with acoustic and vibrational energy. Once the reflected pattern is received, it is processed and analyzed by advanced algorithms to determine the type of event, such as digging near buried conduit, cutting into conduit, and physical handling of the cable. The system will also provide precise location along the cable and monitor the event over time.


  • 24/7/365 monitoring of network cables to detect tampering or intrusion events on optical communications cables
  • Monitors events along cables up to 40km in length
  • Identifies the exact location of the event in question within as close as 5 meters
  • Detects and locates multiple, simultaneous events at multiple locations along the cable path
  • Uses a single strand of single-mode optical fiber
  • Smart-filtering™ technology eliminates false alarms by learning normal day-to-day activity
  • No bandwidth bottlenecks or degradation of network performance


VANGUARD FOCUS™ is a bundled solution consisting of the VANGUARD FOCUS interrogator and an integrated, customized management system called CyberSecure IMS. VANGUARD FOCUS centrally monitors and continually automates monitoring and response to any threat. It also generates unique case resolution audit trails to simplify reporting and analysis.

The CyberSecure IMS “Rapid Analysis Dashboard” provides:

  • Easy-to-use visual tools to monitor an entire office, building, campus or global network
  • Geo-location mapping identifies the location of the event on a map
  • Real-time optical warning system to help identify, analyze and react to a disturbance
  • Automatic notification via phone, email, SMS and/or audible/visual alarm
  • Supported Camera Assisted Inspections and ability to redirect IP security cameras
  • and much more...
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Did You Know

VANGUARD FOCUS can locate an intrusion event to as close as +/- 10 feet and show that location on a map.