Alarmed Carrier PDS Solutions for U.S. Government & Defense

Meeting the Demand For Compliant, Secure, Classified Network Deployments

Government organizations faced with maintaining compliance with strict cyber security standards have found our INTERCEPTOR solution to be an important component of their network security posture.


U.S. Government and Private enterprises performing work for the U.S. Government, must adhere to certain regulations to obtain and maintain an Authority to Operate (ATO) networks transmitting National Security Information that is classified as Secret, Top Secret or Specialized Compartmented Information. A significant component of these regulations is verification that an authorized method for assuring the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of the information transmitted over the network is in-place.

INTERCEPTOR Allows Organizations to Check YES to Everything on Your PDS Compliance List!


A common security practice is to utilize NSA approved Type-1 encryption devices within the network. However, there are several disadvantages associated with the use of Type-1 encryption such as:

  • high cost,
  • network bandwidth restrictions,
  • un-acceptable lead-times to acquire equipment and
  • cumbersome encryption-key management processes.

When encryption is not in-place, these organizations, per guidelines of CNSSI 7003, must use a Protected Distribution System. However, in many cases the traditional PDS methods to protect the infrastructure cannot scale with today’s demand for access to classified networks. Hardened PDS, which requires installing unencrypted cables inside of metallic raceway:

  • has become cost prohibitive,
  • detracts from building aesthetics, and
  • requires an extensive amount of time for installation that is disruptive to personnel and operations within the facilities.
  • requires DAILY visual inspection along the entire PDS system to ensure the security of the network.


Our Advanced Alarmed PDS solution, the INTERCEPTOR Optical Network Security System, is CNSSI 7003 compliant, and, unlike legacy PDS systems, supports the growing demand for connections to classified networks while offering cost savings, enhanced security and the situational awareness required in today’s environment.

INTERCEPTOR enhances network security and lowers operational costs through the replacement of the unreliable, daily human visible inspection process required to secure traditional Hardened PDS, with automated 24/7/365 monitoring. This results in improved building aesthetics because unsightly PDS can now be removed from the wall and hidden above the ceiling or below the floor. In some cases, INTERCEPTOR can be used along with a flexible interlocking armored cable infrastructure to eliminate all requirements for EMT or rigid metallic conduit systems. As a physical layer device, INTERCEPTOR does not touch or process the data, thereby offering unrestrained bandwidth and significant cost savings.

Our INTERCEPTORNX CS solution centrally monitors and continually automates inspection and Standard Operating Procedures for response to any threat to your classified network infrastructure and more.

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