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Network Infrastructure –also known as Layer-1: cables, interconnect points etc.– has increasingly become a critical point of IT operational dependency for most companies. A single fiber carries massive amounts of information, making fiber optic cables, some containing up to hundreds and even thousands of fibers, one of a company’s largest assets. This makes it an attractive target for attackers intent on intercepting proprietary company and customer information or disrupting service, either of which would be disastrous to an organization. Fortunately, a solution exists which can be used to protect against such threats as well as provide situational awareness of looming events that could effect network infrastructure.

Our Network Infrastructure Cyber Security products can quickly and cost-effectively close an open door to cyber security vulnerabilities and prevent critical down-time and devastating costs to an organization.


Our VANGUARD CS Network Infrastructure Cyber Security Solution is the only layer-1 security solution that utilizes proven defense-grade technologies developed for and used extensively by the US Government and Military to defend and protect networks from physical attack. The systems perform continuous analysis of the cables and/or pathways to detect minute events which could indicate unauthorized access to cables, intrusions into the pathways or network infrastructure, tampering with the cable system to apply a tap, or accidental damage that could degrade network performance or availability. All of this protection is obtained while having zero impact on network bandwidth.

An enterprise alarm management software system, CyberSecure IMS, enables remote monitoring and management of the VANGUARD CS alarm devices from anywhere in the world and provides further intelligence and situational awareness allowing organizations to define the severity of an event and completely eliminate nuisance alarms. Additionally, the software automates site-specific Standard Operating Procedures (SOP’s), which include an alarm notification contact list, zone media (digital images & CAD drawings), and the ability to integrate with physical security systems such as CCTV, Access Control Systems, and PSIM systems. The CyberSecure software can also automatically shut-off or reroute data, further protecting organizations and their customers.

Finally, with Plug-and-Protect™ capability, VANGUARD could rapidly be added to existing infrastructure in a variety of applications and network architectures enabling cost-effective scalability across various sites around the globe.

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