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Network Infrastructure –also known as Layer-1: cables, interconnect points etc.– has increasingly become a critical point of IT operational dependency. A single fiber carries massive amounts of information, making fiber optic cables, some containing up to hundreds and even thousands of fibers, one of our largest assets.

Long-haul networks have faced a variety of risks related to the maintenance and security of the physical infrastructure. Those come from many areas including construction digging and maintenance errors, environmental events like earthquakes and flooding and malicious events such as vandalism or even terrorism.  

With all of the risks facing long-haul infrastructure for public utilities and private companies alike, it’s time to begin proactively monitoring and maintaining critical infrastructure paths to prevent or reduce the impacts of these events, which could have a catastrophic impact to your business and affect the lives of your customers.

Our Network Infrastructure Cyber Security products can quickly and cost-effectively close an open door to cyber security vulnerabilities and prevent critical down-time and devastating costs to an organization.

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Our VANGUARD and VANGUARD FOCUSNX Network Infrastructure Cyber Security Solutions are the only layer-1 security solution that utilizes proven defense-grade technologies developed for and used extensively by the US Government and Military to defend and protect networks from physical attack. The systems perform continuous analysis of the cables and/or pathways to detect minute events which could indicate unauthorized access to cables, intrusions into the pathways or network infrastructure, tampering with the cable system to apply a tap, or accidental damage that could degrade network performance or availability. All of this protection is obtained while having zero impact on network bandwidth.

Our VANGUARD solutions utilize state-of-the art, customized management software which integrates with our sensor solutions to provide users with the capabilities to receive alarms and notifications, manage the devices, integrate with ancillary security systems such as CCTV, Intrusion Detection (IDS), Access Control and Physical Security Information Management Systems.  This enables operators to manage all aspects of these integrated solutions on a “single pane of glass.” 

 At a glance, the VANGUARD solution specializes in preventative monitoring to drive damage down to zero by providing:

  • Rapid threat detection 
  • Early warning and damage prevention 
  • Low total cost of ownership 
  • Advanced situational awareness 
  • Predictive monitoring 
  • Unmatched security 
  • Peace of mind 

For more information on our VANGUARD network infrastructure security products, click here.

If choosing a product to protect networks owned or operated by the U.S. Government, Military or for Defense Contractors, please click here to read more about ourINTERCEPTOR products.

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Critical Infrastructure

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Our VANGUARD products are also available to Foreign Governments.


INTERCEPTOR Product Line (for U.S. Government & Military customers)
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