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The most widely deployed centrally managed Alarmed PDS Solution

INTERCEPTOR CS is CNSSI 7003 Compliant, DISA Risk Management Framework accredited, and is the only system of its kind with a Certificate of Networthiness. INTERCEPTOR CS provides an end-to-end solution that quickly and cost effectively ensures organizations pass CCRIs the first time, every time.


At the heart of the product line is the INTERCEPTOR™ Optical Network Security System.

Using patented technologies, INTERCEPTOR ensures the integrity and availability of network data by monitoring spare (unused) strands of fibers within the optical cables of the network infrastructure. This 24/7/365 monitoring allows the system to immediately detect and report even the most subtle tampering or the most sophisticated intrusion attempts. When spare/unused fibers are not available, INTERCEPTOR+Plus can monitor active (data transmitting) fibers.

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  • 24/7/365 monitoring of network cables detects tampering within the infrastructure
  • Eliminates daily inspections required of traditional PDS per CNSSI 7003
  • Smart-filtering™ technology eliminates false alarms by learning normal day-to-day activity
  • Plug-and-protect™ capability allows rapid deployment on new or existing network infrastructure
  • Auto-configuration eliminates time-consuming manual tuning
  • No bandwidth bottlenecks or degradation of network performance


INTERCEPTOR CS is a bundled solution consisting of the INTERCEPTOR and an integrated, customized management system called CyberSecure IMS. INTERCEPTOR CS centrally monitors and continually automates inspection and CNSSI 7003 compliant Standard Operating Procedures for response to any threat. It also generates unique case resolution audit trails to simplify Information Assurance Management.

The CyberSecure IMS “Rapid Analysis Dashboard” provides:

  • Easy-to-use visual tools to monitor an entire office, building, campus or global network
  • Real-time optical warning system to help identify, analyze and react to a disturbance
  • Automatic notification via phone, email, SMS and/or audible/visual alarm
  • Supported Camera Assisted Inspections and ability to redirect IP security cameras
  • Capability to control door locks and security systems at the zone being attacked
Interceptor CS Product


With INTERCEPTOR CS, each alarmed zone can be customized to meet the end user requirements specific to that zone. In the event an alarm is triggered, the corresponding data can be shut off using an ancillary device, the StopLight™ Optical Interface.

INTERCEPTOR CS allows alarm notification transmission over unclassified networks by incorporating the optional Cross-Domain Communications Unit, enabling an organization to receive notifications of alarms at any time from anywhere.

Additional information can be found in our INTERCEPTOR CS Brochure.

Watch now to see how INTERCEPTOR CS is ensuring organizations pass CCRI’s the first time, every time!

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Did You Know

INTERCEPTOR CS is the industry’s first infrastructure protection system capable of eliminating nuisance alarms.