About Network Integrity Systems

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Network Integrity Systems Inc. (NIS) was founded in 2003 in Conover, North Carolina, USA, when optical engineers and management personnel from a global fiber optics leader were asked to address a requirement from the Department of Defense to develop an improved solution for physically protecting secure fiber optic networks in and around The Pentagon. This resulted in the development of the INTERCEPTOR™ Optical Network Security System, which meets National Security Agency requirements and provides superior protection of fiber-optic data and telecommunications lines for military and government secure networks.

In subsequent years, NIS received funding from the US Army Intelligence & Security Command (INSCOM) and the US Air Force Information Warfare Battlelab to accelerate technology development and make enhancements to the INTERCEPTOR product line. Since then, NIS has received thirty-six (36) U.S. and Foreign Patents that have made INTERCEPTOR the brand standard in network infrastructure security as it has been successfully deployed in multiple theaters around the globe to monitor U.S. government classified networks.

Today, we are offering this same level of data protection to critical infrastructure, private enterprise and foreign governments with our VANGUARD product line. And, utilizing the same state-of-the-art sensor technologies, NIS has expanded into the perimeter security market with our Sentinel Perimeter Intrusion Detection System, making NIS an Integrated Cyber and Physical Security solutions provider.


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NIS products are protected by the following patents:  United States: 7092586, 7120324, 7142737, 7206469, 7333681, 7376293, 7403674, 7403675, 7634387, 7693359, 7706641, 8094977, 8233755, 9046669, 9374157, 9954609, 8736826, 9207168, 10263696, 10388128, 10600294, 10914047, 11055984, 11170618, 11190271, 11361653, 11,401,680, 11,515,940, 11,501,616, 11,502,748, 11,501,617, 11,502,749, 11,502,750, 11,502,751; Great Britain: GB2587763, GB2587764, GB2587315, GB2588068, GB2587593; South Korea: 101032222, 101072747; Canada: 2,529,654, 2,597,571, 2,802,633