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At the heart of the product line is the VANGUARD CS™ Fiber Optic Network Monitoring System. Using patented technologies, VANGUARD CS ensures the integrity and availability of network data by monitoring spare (unused) strands of fibers within optical cables making up the network infrastructure. This 24/7/365 monitoring allows the system to immediately detect and report even the most subtle tampering of the most sophisticated intrusion attempts conducted for the purposes of data theft (tapping) or denial of service.

With Plug-and-Protect™ capability, VANGUARD CS can rapidly be added to existing network infrastructure. As an added advantage, monitoring 
standard armored fiber optic cable with VANGUARD CS
 could eliminate the need for costly electrical metallic tubing (EMT), greatly reducing the overall CAPEX and OPEX for an organization, providing instantaneous ROI, and enabling cost-effective scalability across various sites around the globe.

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  • 24/7/365 monitoring of network cables detects tampering within the infrastructure
  • Smart-filtering™ technology eliminates false alarms by learning normal day-to-day activity within the environment
  • Plug-and-protect™ capability allows rapid deployment on new or existing network infrastructure
  • Auto-configuration eliminates time-consuming manual tuning
  • No bandwidth bottlenecks or degradation of network performance


VANGUARD CS incorporates an enterprise alarm management software system which enables remote monitoring and management of alarm devices from anywhere in the world. This provides insight and situational awareness into when or where an intruder is looming, damage is occurring or an outage is impending. In addition, when a problem does ensue, tools are available to quickly identify whether the issue is occurring in the ISP or OSP environment, allowing for quick response.

The CyberSecure IMS “Rapid Analysis Dashboard” provides:

  • Easy-to-use visual tools to monitor an entire office, building, campus or global network
  • Real-time optical warning system to help identify, analyze and react to a disturbance
  • Fiber Forensics technology reveals insight into the type of event (i.e. accidental touch or fiber tap), eliminating nuisance alarms
  • Automated site-specific Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs)-which include an alarm notification contact list, zone media (digital images & CAD drawings), and the ability to integrate with physical security systems such as CCTV, Access Control Systems, and PSIM systems
  • Ability to automatically shut-off or reroute data, by incorporating ancillary products, further protecting an organization and their customers.
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With VANGUARD CS, each alarmed zone can be customized to meet the end user requirements specific to the zone. In the event an alarm is triggered, the corresponding data can be shut off using an ancillary device, the StopLight™ Optical Interface.

VANGUARD CS allows alarm notification transmission over unsecured networks by incorporating the optional Cross-Domain Communications Unit.

Did You Know

Gartner reports that 75% of all network cabling is located in publicly accessible spaces, making it a easy target for data theft and destruction that could degrade network performance or availability.