NIS Announces Enhancements to the INTERCEPTOR™ PDS in Support of Major BRAC Initiatives

Customers’ Needs Drive New PDS Upgrades

WASHINGTON, D.C. (Aug. 15, 2011) – Network Integrity Systems (NIS) – a leading provider of physical network infrastructure security solutions for SIPRNet, JWICS and other high assurance networks – has already recorded its largest annual sales since its formation and is on a pace to more than triple last year’s sales of the INTERCEPTOR™ Optical Network Security System.

“Our growth is the result of the fact that INTERCEPTOR solves many key issues associated with the massive deployments of secure networks taking place across the government and military,” said Joe Giovannini, CEO of Network Integrity Systems.

In anticipation of INTERCEPTOR’s use in high density deployments, NIS has added several key features to the INTERCEPTOR product line to aid in that environment. These enhancements have been embraced by organizations faced with delivering unprecedented levels of classified network connectivity in programs such as the Base Closure and Realignment Commission (BRAC).

According to Giovannini, “Our understanding of the unique security requirements that customers face when deploying SIPRNet in such large numbers is the result of work with our partner Global Com Inc., one of the leading innovators of alarmed PDS solutions. Our goal as the manufacturer is to ensure that we build the smartest, most cost-effective and reliable PDS alarm system available. Global Com is a master at integrating our system seamlessly into our customers’ networks, and more importantly, into their operational processes.”

The new enhancements to the INTERCEPTOR are:

  • Bulk configuration tool
  • New faceplate design
  • Replaceable power supply
  • Rack mount alarm unit
  • Hybrid optical ports (multimode and single mode)

These upgrades – many of which help streamline massive network deployment – provide improved manageability and configuration to help government and military facilities optimize their network security infrastructure.

Bulk Configuration Tool

A bulk configuration tool is a key addition to the INTERCEPTOR. According to Giovannini, “New buildings are being designed with smart capabilities, but PDS remains a legacy technology. Network Integrity Systems is introducing the first in a suite of software called the INTERCEPTOR Management SuiteTM that will evolve PDS into an advanced system that reflects the smart building in which it resides.”

The new bulk configurator performs simultaneous set-up of multiple INTERCEPTORs from a single computer. The tool also provides basic monitoring, giving the end user a system with which to receive real-time status indications and conduct basic maintenance to maintain efficient monitoring. As more and more audit and record keeping regulations are being levied, the bulk configurator provides an important dashboard-like view into the integrity of the network being protected.

Faceplate Design

“INTERCEPTOR now has a more aesthetically pleasing design, but it’s not just another pretty face,” Giovannini said. “To balance the increasing cost of electronic parts across many industries, NIS continues to pursue cost reduction efforts to keep the cost of INTERCEPTOR stable. Towards that goal, we’ve developed a new front panel design that is easier and more cost effective to manufacture and inventory.”

The new faceplate also provides enhanced functionality for the user. Specifically, the design includes labeling of the ports, providing rapid identification of their optical characteristics. According to Giovannini, this is critical now as INTERCEPTORs are being deployed in large numbers, and in those installations, dozens of units may be installed in a single equipment rack.

In addition, NIS is now offering as part of its product line a hybrid INTERCEPTOR containing a mixture of single mode and multimode ports. Therefore, accurate identification of the ports is a necessity.

Replaceable Power Supply

A replaceable power supply is now available as an optional feature on the INTERCEPTOR.  This enables quick and easy replacement without taking the device offline for servicing.

Rack Mount Alarm Unit

For users who require a sensory alarm notification, NIS has developed a Rack Mount Alarm Unit (RAU) that provides audible and visible indications when the INTERCEPTOR detects an intrusion. The RAU incorporates a bright light and an audible alarm that activate when an alarm is generated. The benefit of this alarm device is that it can be located in an area away from the INTERCEPTOR, for example on a guard’s desk outside the telecom room for remote monitoring.


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