INTERCEPTOR Value Continues to be Confirmed at NGB JC4I Conference

NIS just returned from the NGB JC4I Conference in Orlando and once again, had attendees expressing to us that finding the INTERCEPTOR™ Optical Network Security System had made their trip valuable.

Over the three days we demonstrated INTERCEPTOR, many COMM and IA personnel visited us deliberately because they had heard about our game changing solution.  Current users, giving glowing endorsements of the INTERCEPTOR, also came by for a visit.  Whether we were newly discovered or sought out, the attendees expressed a common theme; legacy PDS systems are causing headaches as their organization tries to comply with visual inspection requirements, and the rapidly growing demand for connections to classified networks.  In addition, on the whole, there is a considerable objection to the look of the metallic raceway on interior walls, especially in command buildings.

The INTERCEPTOR value proposition, especially when monitoring flexible interlocking armored cable, was well received. INTERCEPTOR makes securing SIPRNet cost effective and more secure through the elimination of the daily human visible inspections necessary to secure legacy PDS.  As a bonus, it makes buildings more attractive because of the ability to remove the PDS from the wall and place it hidden in the ceiling or below the floor, or in the case of an armored cable installation, remove it altogether.

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