INTERCEPTOR Provides Information Assurance Analytics

Guaranteeing Information Assurance is not as simple as performing a single task or installing a piece of equipment. It involves an ongoing process that is only accomplished through constant analysis of network dynamics and threat analytics to ensure that protection mechanisms adequately and continuously identify, engage, and neutralize any potential attack on the network.

As threats change or become more advanced, so do the protection mechanisms used to prevent government agencies and DoD units from falling into a false sense of security. By leveraging Information Assurance analytics, equipment can be continuously optimized to ensure that network security is always more than sufficient to protect against evolving threats to our National Security Information.

The INTERCEPTOR Optical Network Security System has Information Assurance Analytics embedded in its protection schema and logical design. INTERCEPTOR records and logs detailed threat information and the associated alarms, allowing IA personnel to perform thorough analysis to identify emerging trends, as well as to optimize the protection provided by the INTERCEPTOR.

In addition, the intrusion signatures used by the INTERCEPTOR to identify threats to the network are continuously updated and expanded to ensure that any threat to the physical network can be identified and detected before the network is degraded or National Security Information is compromised.



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