INTERCEPTOR featured at the TE TOP GUN Federal Seminar

INTERCEPTOR™ was featured as an Intelligent-PDS™ solution to the TE TOP GUN Program firms at the annual TOP GUN Federal Seminar in May.

The TE TOP GUN PROGRAM identifies those system integrators, contractors and distributors that support government clients through services, specialized contract vehicles and government qualifications.  The TOP GUN Seminar is an opportunity for the TOP GUN partners to share insights into securing government business, developing a long-range government business strategy and collaborating with other TOP GUN firms.

INTERCEPTOR was presented in conjunction with Tellabs PON equipment as a Secure PON (S-PON) solution.  S-PON enables deployment of multiple classifications of networks over the same network infrastructure leveraging cross-domain and cloud technologies, and provides 24/7/365 real-time monitoring of the infrastructure to identify any intrusion attempts.

Indeed the buzz at this year’s TOP GUN was PON as most of the partners remarked about their plans to support this exciting new technology and when they learned about the ease at which INTERCEPTOR permitted Secure PON deployments, their excitement grew.  They truly accepted the notion presented by NIS and Tellabs:  INTERCEPTOR + PON is like chocolate and peanut butter.  A match made in heaven!




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