NIS' Passion for Customer Service Excellence Recognized by Leading Partner, Global Com

Since it's foundation, the core operating principle of Network Integrity Systems has been complete, no-compromise customer satisfaction. "We understand the critical nature of the products we provide to the United States Government, and anything less than total quality and customer satisfaction is non-negotiable," said our CEO and co-founder, Joe Giovannini. “Every person in our company, from the front offices to the professional engineering and research staff, does whatever it takes to insure that customer requirements are met, on-time, every time. Our network of INTERCEPTOR Certified partners adhere to the same principles,” added Giovannini. That is why we delight when we receive confirmation that our efforts are valued, such as this recent feedback from Global Com after they completed our updated INTERCEPTOR Certification program:

“Global Com first discovered the INTERCEPTOR solution when faced with difficult government requirements, which included lowered costs for installation and operations of a campus PDS. The alarmed PDS technology, provided by INTERCEPTOR, exceeded the government's expectations. Since the first installation, we have installed hundreds of units in secure government facilities. Network Integrity systems has consistently provided customer service levels that, in most cases, would add significant costs to a project. In every situation, NIS has exhibited a ‘what ever it takes’ attitude to ensure every project has been a success. We are confident in their ability to consistently deliver an excellent product and exemplary customer service. Global Com will continue to celebrate countless achievements with Network Integrity Systems as its partner!"

-Greg Bramham, VP Development, Global Com

Global Com of Virginia is one of our leading INTERCEPTOR CERTIFIED partners.

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