INTERCEPTOR, Selected for Secure PON Project at Army's NETCOM HQ, Featured in Exhibits at TechNet Augusta

The INTERCEPTOR™Alarmed-Armored PDS™, selected for the Secure PON Network Modernization Project at Army's NETCOM HQ on Ft. Huachuca, will be featured as part of several Secure PON exhibits at TechNet Augusta next week.  Secure PON (S-PON) delivers the immense cost savings and feature benefits of Optical LAN technology combined with the best-of-breed infrastructure security of INTERCEPTOR Alarmed-Armored PDS.  Leveraging flexible interlocking armored optical cable to enable concealment of the Protective Distribution System (PDS) allows for SIPR connections to be deployed to any location within a facility rapidly, and at a low cost.

INTERCEPTOR has been chosen for 100% of US Government Secure PON deployments because of it’s technical and operational advantages over competitive technology, making it uniquely capable of addressing the flexible S-PON zone architecture requirements, including:
  • The patented ability to directly monitor single mode fibers – the standard fiber type used in PON cabling.
  • Ample dynamic range to protect more than the standard 32 end-user drops in a single PON zone using a single monitoring port (or zone).
  • Enables the construction of the monitoring circuit within the zone with low-cost, easy to install mechanical connectors or splices.
  • The ability to change the length of the zones, for instance when moves, adds or changes are required, without the need to reconfigure the physical placement of the cables in the alarm system or to reprogram the alarm management system.
  • The patented ability to automatically learn the ambient state of the network infrastructure to prevent nuisance alarms.
  • The ability to quickly, easily and securely integrate the INTERCEPTOR directly to existing network management systems

In an era of constrained budgets, INTERCEPTOR also provides the best overall value solution for other PDS Requirements, such as protecting connections between buildings, or traditional LAN environments by:

  • Replacement of Type-1 Encryption Devices & COMSEC Management
  • Retro-fit or Replacement of Legacy Hardened PDS to eliminate Daily Inspections and Increase Security
  • Retro-fit or Replacement of Legacy Alarmed Carrier PDS to eliminate false alarm issues and integrate alarm response technologies
Visit us at the following exhibits where sales representatives will be available to answer your questions:
  • Corning Cable Systems  #708
  • CommScope Inc.  #506

We look forward to seeing you in Augusta!

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