Tellabs Announces Plans to Launch All-Secure PON into Enterprise, Commercial, and Foreign Government Markets at West Coast Optical LAN Conference

Tellabs hosted their Optical LAN Conference on January 16th in Los Angeles, CA.  The increased adoption of Optical LAN and All-Secure PON influenced the addition of this conference to the existing East Coast version.  The conference opened with success stories from members of Tellabs leadership team leading into an industry expert panel consisting of representatives from : Corning, 3M, TE, CyberSecure IMS, and Network Integrity Systems (NIS).  Thirty-five partner companies attended as well as over thirty different end-user organizations.

Tellabs used the event to announce their plans to launch All-Secure PON into the enterprise, commercial, and foreign government markets in 2014.  All-Secure PON is an integrated solution being offered by Tellabs and NIS, which combines Tellabs’ industry leading, JITC certified GPON technology with NIS’ optical network monitoring products. Charlie Stone, Vice President of Enterprise Sales, introduced NIS’ solutions as having a similar “no brainer” value proposition as Optical LAN, and when the benefits of both technologies are combined it’s even riskier for decision makers to rely on legacy solutions.  To round out the event, NIS & CyberSecure IMS provided a live demonstration of how to integrate and manage network infrastructure security across the enterprise.

Standards bodies such as BICSI and the TIA continue to embrace Optical LAN including an All-Secure PON deployment at the TIA HQ.  In 2013, the Association for Passive Optical LAN (APOLAN), of which NIS is a Silver Level Sponsor, was formed by Corning, IBM, SAIC, TE, Tellabs, Zhone and 3M to act as an advocate for the education and global adoption of POLAN.  In addition, the TIA’s Network Security task group is currently working to update commercial industry network design standards to include specifications for securing critical network infrastructure compatible with NIS solutions.

The All-Secure PON solution has been selected for numerous strategic US government and civilian agency deployments.  Private enterprise is beginning to implement this same level of security to protect their critical network infrastructure from the emerging cyber threats that are not exclusive to government networks.  Contact us to discuss how to implement this level of security in your environment


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