NIS Selected for Cyber Security Panel at NERC’s Grid Security Conference in San Antonio

Network Integrity Systems (NIS) has been chosen for the Cyber Security Technology Solutions Panel at NERC’s annual Grid Security Conference (GridSecCon).  NIS will help discuss best practices developed within DoD for integrating Physical Network Security (Layer 1) into a layered security approach for critical infrastructure.

GridSecCon brings together cyber security and physical security experts from industry and government to share emerging security trends, policy advancements, and lessons learned related to the electricity sub-sector.   This year, the conference will take place October 14-17 in San Antonio, TX.

Power authorities and utility companies are experiencing an ever-increasing level of threats to the security, availability and reliability of their data networks.  The cost of an incident upon the Power Authorities and Utilities is immeasurable in terms of the effect upon GRID customers and could prove to be catastrophic.  The mission of the North American Electric Reliability Corporation (NERC), a non-profit international regulatory authority, is to ensure the reliability and availability of the North American bulk power system. In recent years, the vulnerability of the bulk power system’s physical network infrastructure has become more evident due to high profile incidents.  As a result, cyber security compliance has become a critical priority for NERC.

Natural disasters, criminal acts, insider threats, and foreign and domestic terrorism all threaten the security of the physical layer of the network (OSI Layer 1).  Typically, cyber security focus has incorporated technologies such as encryption, firewalls, and intrusion prevention within the active portion of the network.  What hasn’t been integrated into this approach is real-time monitoring of the physical network infrastructure.  This overlooked area of vulnerability exposes the network to unpredictable and detrimental events.

The U.S. Department of Defense (DoD), understands that implementing counter measures at Layer 1 is as important for ensuring the security and integrity of the network as strengthening other layers, and, with oversight by the National Security Agency, has had a standard in place for securing each layer of the OSI Model, including Layer 1, for nearly 20 years (NSTISSI 7003). Network Integrity Systems (NIS), the leader in network infrastructure security, has deployed network infrastructure security products across the globe with tens of millions of in-service-port hours protecting US. Government classified networks and private enterprise critical asset networks since 2003.

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