Closing the Gap Between Physical Security & Cyber Security is Common Theme at GridSecCon

Network Integrity Systems (NIS) spoke at last week’s NERC Grid Security Conference (GridSecCon) as part of the Cyber Security Technology Solutions panel.  We were proud to be a part of an event attracting such influential speakers as the Commander of US Cyber Command (also serves a Security Director at NSA), the Assistant Secretary for the Office of Electricity Delivery and Energy Reliability with the US Department of Energy, the Acting Section Chief, Cyber Division with the FBI, and the CEO of NERC.  All of these speakers had common themes throughout their presentations including calling for the need to better close the gap between physical security & cyber security.

The conference speakers also advocated for closer alignment between government and industry to leverage best practices and deploy a Defense In Depth, layered approach to securing the grid.  NIS’ presentation echoed these sentiments as we focused on introducing the concept of converging Physical Network Security (Layer 1) into a layered security approach for critical infrastructure.  NIS also discussed the often not realized threats to network infrastructure, and how to apply best practices from DoD to provide situational awareness and early warning of an attack.  NIS then provided an overview of the technologies available to monitor the infrastructure and how to integrate them with a standard operating procedure (SOP) to prevent or limit damages from potential events by reducing response times and integrating with other security tools for a smarter response.

Network Integrity Systems (NIS), the leader in network infrastructure security, has deployed best of breed monitoring technology across the globe with tens of millions of in-service-port hours protecting US. Government classified networks and private enterprise critical asset networks since 2003.

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