INTERCEPTOR, The Industry Leading Alarm Point for Secure PON, Shown with Tellabs Optical LAN solution at TechNet Asia-Pacific

Government entities are seeing the dramatic advantages that passive Optical LANs have over traditional copper-based infrastructure. With the GPON OLAN solution added to the DoD JITC APL more than four years ago, Tellabs has proven that the solution meets the strict security, reliability and scalability requirements that power our government’s infrastructure. Recent US government and military deployments of Tellabs OLAN show a trend in the federal government to embrace the technology. Tellabs’ Optical LAN solution is an innovative, field proven, cutting-edge solution to the growing network complexities and green mandates that challenge every agency.

The INTERCEPTOR™ Optical Network Security System, the industry leading Alarmed-PDS, has been selected as the alarmed point for 100% of all US Government Secure PON deployments and will be featured in Tellab’s exhibit at AFCEA Hawaii’s TechNet Asia-Pacific next week.  Secure PON combines the benefits of the Tellabs Optical LAN solution with the cost savings, enhanced security and operational advantages of the INTERCEPTOR Alarmed-Armored PDS™.

If you are attending TechNet Asia-Pacific, visit Tellabs, booth #816 to learn more


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