8-port Model and Desensitized Lead-In Cable Capability Added to the INTERCEPTOR Product Line

Network Integrity Systems (NIS) announces the addition of an 8-port model to the current INTERCEPTOR product line.  The 8-port unit is being delivered in the same one rack-unit format as the current 1, 2 and 4 port models; essentially doubling the port density of the product line and reducing the per-port cost for the end user.  With the greatest optical dynamic range in the industry, and the capability to monitor cables to several dozen users (such as in a fiber-to-the-desk application), the new 8-port system significantly surpasses the capabilities of any other product on the market.  The 8-port models are currently available to support multimode fiber installations.

NIS is also pleased to announce that effective June 1, 2015, multimode INTERCEPTOR units will have the ability to be configured with desensitized lead-in cable (DLC).  DLC capability reduces the possibility of inadvertently causing alarms by accidentally contacting the cables connecting the INTERCEPTOR to the Protected Distribution System (PDS).

For more information on either of these new offerings, please contact Network Integrity Systems at (877) NIS-4PDS.



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