USA Today Quotes NIS Sales Manager in Article About Recent Fiber Optic Cable Attacks

The FBI is investigating a series of successful attacks on fiber optic cables in northern California that have caused widespread Internet outages over the past year. According to USA Today, this has security experts warning “the Internet's physical infrastructure is ‘basically unsecured’ and vulnerable to both casual and determined attackers".

Ralph Descheneaux, of Network Integrity Systems, the leader in network infrastructure protection, was interviewed by USA Today and said that “fiber optic cables at some military installations are inspected daily and NIS makes military-grade equipment to remotely monitor fiber-optic lines for signs of tampering. 'You can spend a lot of money on encryption and fire walling, but you also need to cover the basics,’ he said. ‘At the end of the day, if you don’t protect the actual transport mechanism, you’re always going to have a point of vulnerability.’"

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