Network Integrity Systems and CyberSecure IPS Introduce Cyber Security Solution for Public and Private Sectors

Physical Cyber Security Solution Protects Against Fiber Network Attacks

Network Integrity Systems (NIS), a leader in critical network infrastructure security, and CyberSecure IPS, a leader in centrally managed fiber monitoring software applications, will combine their patented products into an unrivalled cyber security solution to benefit private enterprise and government agencies.

The two companies have entered into an exclusive relationship to integrate their best-of-breed technologies into a single solution. The product lines – INTERCEPTOR™ CS for government and VANGUARD™ CS for private enterprise – are a direct countermeasure against growing threats to information security and the increased number of attacks on fiber optic networks. The combined solution provides immediate detection of cyber attacks on the physical layer (cables and interconnection points).

These systems can be centrally managed from anywhere in the world and provide first responders with an early warning, affording them time to act and greater potential to prevent damage or theft of data. A unique benefit of the CS solution called Fiber Forensics™, provides investigators with critical information to assist in profiling methods of attack, helping to prevent future attacks.

The INTERCEPTOR™ Optical Network Security System and the CyberSecure Infrastructure Management System (IMS) have been widely deployed in the U.S. government to secure classified networks. The VANGUARD CS solution will be offered to non-government industries including energy and utilities, business enterprise, banking and securities, healthcare, higher education, transportation and casino gaming to provide the same cyber security benefits.

“NIS has long recognized that a missing component in our product line was a software system overlay for streamlining processes associated with alarm management and response,” said Joe Giovannini, president and CEO of NIS. “The emergence of CyberSecure IPS as the market leader makes this alliance an obvious choice. INTERCEPTOR™ CS provides a complete solution.”

Scott Rye, president and CEO of CyberSecure IPS added, “Our mission is to defend and protect our country’s most critical fiber optic networks from physical attacks. The new INTERCEPTOR CS suite of hardware and software solutions meets our mission objective and sends clear notice to potential threats that our customers can now detect intruders in real time and catch perpetrators in the act.”

About Network Integrity Systems, Inc.

Network Integrity Systems, Inc., (NIS) develops and manufactures products that enable organizations to protect their classified networks faster, more economically, and less intrusively than ever before possible with legacy systems. Founded by optical engineers and management personnel from a global fiber optics leader, NIS helps solve key issues associated with the growing need to guard the confidentiality, integrity and availability of National Security Information.

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About CyberSecure IPS

CyberSecure IPS develops and manufactures secure interactive infrastructure monitoring hardware and software cyber security applications to DETECT, PROTECT and SECURE government and commercial network critical infrastructures.

Visit for more information, or call 1- 844-653-1018.

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