Holocom, a leader in hardened Protected Distribution Systems (PDS), secure raceway and enclosures for the U.S. Government and Military, and Network Integrity Systems (NIS), a leader in network infrastructure monitoring solutions are pleased to announce a strategic alliance between the two companies. The alliance creates an unparalleled network and critical infrastructure cyber security solutions provider, which will benefit government agencies, private enterprise and critical infrastructure sectors with a source for all of their physical cyber security needs.

“After watching the industry trend towards a greater use of alarmed-PDS, we evaluated the competitive landscape. Our conclusion was that Network Integrity Systems is the industry leader and their INTERCEPTOR™ product line represents best-in-class technology,” said Scott Beeson, CEO of Holocom, Inc. “With this partnership, Holocom can now uniquely offer a complete line of PDS solutions ranging from hardened to alarmed, and provide our customers with a source from which a complete solution can be obtained,” Beeson added.

Joe Giovannini, President and CEO of Network Integrity Systems added, “We are delighted to be partnering with Holocom; they are the pioneer of the PDS industry and the advancements they’ve made over the years have benefitted our mutual customers greatly. With the shift in the industry towards network infrastructure monitoring, we are proud that Holocom chose NIS to fill the gap in their product line. A significant aspect of our alliance will be to combine our individual expertise and create synergies in the form of innovative new products and hybrid solutions currently not available in the industry.”

With the formation of this alliance, the two companies combine technologists responsible for more than forty (40) patents all focused upon the PDS and network infrastructure cyber security markets, and a sales engineering team with unmatched past performance. Together, this creates an unrivaled organization with more capabilities in this market space than any other in the world.

About Holocom, Inc.

 Holocom is the leading manufacturer of protective distribution systems (PDS) for SIPRNet and other networks transmitting highly sensitive data. Offering both hardened carrier PDS as well as alarmed carrier products, patented Holocom PDS provides a complete, end-to-end solution including services tailored to meet individual customer requirements. Holocom owns an IP portfolio protecting both its secure enclosure systems and raceway systems, which in turn protect mission-critical networks for all branches of the military, federal agencies and private networks across the globe. Holocom is currently headquartered in San Diego, CA., with future warehousing and operations centered in Tempe, AZ.

About Network Integrity Systems, Inc.

Network Integrity Systems, Inc., (NIS) develops and manufactures products that enable organizations to protect their classified networks faster, more economically and less intrusively than ever before possible with legacy systems. Founded by optical engineers and management personnel with extensive experience at a global fiber optics leader, NIS helps solve key issues associated with the growing need to guard the confidentiality, integrity and availability of National Security Information.





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