Network Integrity Systems and CyberSecure IPS are proud to announce that their joint, Centrally Managed Alarmed-Carrier PDS system, a network infrastructure cyber security solution, received the first ever Authority To Operate (ATO) for an Alarmed-Carrier PDS under the new Defense Information Systems Agency (DISA) Risk Management Framework (RMF). Additionally, the solution is now referenced on DISA’s Enterprise Mission Assurance Support Service (eMASS) system.

Network Integrity Systems (NIS) and CyberSecure IPS (CS) worked closely with their customer for nearly one-year to implement the solution in a manner to insure compliance with the requirements of the RMF. As such, other government entities planning to deploy the solution will benefit from this groundwork by using the accreditation as a reference for their own requirements. The artifacts and system information can be found in DISA’s eMASS system and will greatly reduce the time to approval and authorization for their own environment. The following criteria can be used to search for the information in eMASS:

  • System Name:                   (EUR) MCC Alarmed Carrier PDS
  • System Acronym:             MCC_PDS System
  • DITPR ID:                          DA305672

Consisting of the INTERCEPTOR™ CS Optical Network Security System, the CyberSecure Infrastructure Monitoring System and the StopLight™ Optical Interface, the Centrally Managed Alarmed-Carrier PDS by NIS and CS is the most cost-effective and secure method for protecting classified network infrastructure based on the guidance of CNSSI 7003. The solution provides immediate detection of cyber attacks on the physical layer (cables and interconnection points) and can be centrally managed from any location in the world. In addition to being the only Alarmed-Carrier PDS to receive an ATO under the new RMF, the solution is the only one of its kind holding a Certificate of Networthiness.

“We believe that this Authority To Operate granted under the new, stringent Risk Management Framework, and moreover at a high-profile facility in Europe, is a great testimonial to the confidence that the U.S. government has in our industry-leading cyber security solutions,” said Kevin C. Frazier, Vice President of Global Sales for Network Integrity Systems.

About the Risk Management Framework (RMF)

The DISA Risk Management Framework is a unified information security framework for the entire federal government that is replacing legacy Certification and Accreditation (C&A) processes such as DIACAP within federal government departments and agencies, the Department of Defense and the Intelligence Community. The stated goals of RMF are:

  • To improve information security
  • To strengthen risk management processes
  • To encourage reciprocity among federal agencies

The main difference between DIACAP and RMF is that a new Assessment & Authorization (A&A) process has replaced the C&A process of DIACAP and establishes a more realistic range of risk tolerance for a system instead of a concrete yes it is secured or no it is not The Risk Management Framework (RMF) is now the “common information security framework” for the entire federal government and its contractors.

About Network Integrity Systems, Inc.

Network Integrity Systems, Inc., (NIS) develops and manufactures products that enable organizations to protect their classified networks faster, more economically, and less intrusively than ever before possible with legacy systems. Founded by former optical engineers and management personnel from a global fiber optics leader, NIS helps solve key issues associated with the growing need to guard the confidentiality, integrity and availability of National Security Information.

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About CyberSecure IPS

CyberSecure IPS develops and manufactures secure interactive infrastructure monitoring hardware and software cyber security applications to DETECT, PROTECT and SECURE government and commercial network critical infrastructures.

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