Defense Industry Shares "Military Grade" Cyber & Physical Security Solution at GridSecCon 2016

During the Security Technology Solutions Panel Discussion at GridSecCon 2016, a representative of a large Defense Contractor will describe how his corporation is benefiting from their ongoing deployment of our "Military Grade" Integrated Cyber & Physical Security solution to protect critical network infrastructure, confidential information and physical points of vulnerability, such as manhole systems, on their campuses.

Attend the panel discussion on Thursday, October 20th at 12:45-2pm, and benefit from lessons learned by the Defense Industry as comparisons between the need to protect information and physical access at defense industrial facilities and power generation stations are made.

Integrated Physical & Cyber Security
Integrated Physical & Cyber Security enables 24/7/365 real-time monitoring of network infrastructure and various points of vulnerability, such as manholes, fence lines, and equipment cabinets. Our solution is the most cost effective way to address a multitude of threats to the heart of critical infrastructure and has been deployed by government agencies and defense contractors for the past decade.

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