End-to-end, real time visibility of your long-haul network infrastructure's health and security

Government agencies have a long list of challenges to tackle as they struggle to maintain visibility into complex classified networks and avoid security blind spots. This is especially true in long-haul infrastructure where it is difficult to secure and monitor the entire pathway and points of entry (such as manholes), compounding the vulnerabilities and making it easier for attackers intent on intercepting classified information or disrupting service. 

The Distributed Acoustic Sensing (DAS) technology in Network Integrity Systems’ INTERCEPTOR FOCUS infrastructure cyber security solution provides the remedy to these issues by giving you end-to-end, real-time visibility of your long-haul infrastructure health and security.  DAS monitors fibers within the cable being protected, creating a continuous sensor along the entire cable's length.  Any event that occurs on or around that cable is identified, located, and alarmed where necessary, reducing the potential risk for data security breaches or downtime.   Learn more…

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