If you knew a year ago what you know today...

If you haven’t noticed lately, our national Critical Infrastructure has G2H9TPproven to be more and more vulnerable, both to intentional attack and accidental damage. From the Colonial Pipeline attack to the California Pipeline spill, our nation's Critical Infrastructure is susceptible to both Cyber and Physical disruptions. Specifically, in the California Pipeline situation, the spill and environmental damage was the result of undetected anchor drag damage that occurred up to a year ago. This environmental damage was entirely preventable with sensor technology that could detect pipeline risks above or below the waterline before the leak occurs. Network Integrity Systems develops and manufacturers Intelligent Optical Sensors toAdobeStock_180539191 give you risk information in real-time, instead of waiting for a pressure drop to let you know a spill has happened after the fact. How valuable would it be to know a year ago that an anchor hit your Pipeline…

Visit out Critical Infrastructure Facts page to learn more about proactive Critical Infrastructure protection, or Contact Us to talk with one of our experts.  

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