INTERCEPTOR NX; The Next Evolution of Alarmed PDS Technology

Network Integrity Systems (NIS), a leading provider of advanced network security solutions, is proud to announce the launch of INTERCEPTORNX, an evolution of our groundbreaking product designed to meet the dynamic needs of the US Federal Government and Military. INTERCEPTORNX sets a new benchmark in alarmed Protected Distribution System (PDS) technology, offering enhanced security, efficiency, and heightened situational awareness for organizations dealing with classified networks.

Built upon years of field experience and valuable customer feedback, INTERCEPTORNX leverages our cutting-edge technology with a new, innovative processor platform to provide flawless protection and unlock new possibilities in network security. Its advanced design guarantees seamless Cybersecurity and Compliance Review Inspections (CCRIs), empowering organizations to meet the ever-changing demands of the US Federal Government and Military.

NIS Interceptor NX  LinkedIn 1080At the heart of the Network Integrity Systems product line lies the INTERCEPTORNX Optical Intrusion Detection System, which forms
the core of the INTERCEPTOR
NX solution. This innovative system protects up to 8 separate zones or cable paths distributed throughout a building. By monitoring spare strands of fiber in the network infrastructure's optical cables, INTERCEPTORNX provides round-the-clock protection against tampering attempts, intrusion efforts, data theft, and denial of service attacks. Whether monitoring on-site, remotely across bases, or centralized across regions, INTERCEPTORNX keeps organizations one step ahead in safeguarding their classified networks.

NIS has incorporated several key enhancements into INTERCEPTORNX to simplify its use and improve its functionality. These enhancements include:

Factory Reset Button: If you’re ever in a situation where a reset to factory defaults is necessary, we have installed a reset button that can be accessed in the field.  This allows a factory reset to be performed when console access is not available.

Clean Sweep™ System Erase Chip: Should the system ever need to be removed from a secure location (warranty repair, device replacement, etc.), there is a Media Encryption Key (MEK) chip that can be removed from its socket, performing a Cryptographic Erase and rendering all configuration and other data on the device immediately and forever unusable.  A Certificate of Volatility can be provided by NIS when necessary.

Dual Power Supply option: NIS now offers single, or dual power supply options, selectable at time of purchase.  Note that a single power supply INTERCEPTORNX would have to be returned to NIS to be upgraded to a dual power supply system.

Reset Buttons over Ports: LED reset buttons are standard on all INTERCEPTORNX models, with the buttons now positioned above the ports, making port status more visible and intuitive – even from across the room.

Standard SFP Network Connectivity: SFP Ethernet connectivity is now standard across the line, and each unit ships with a TAA compliant 1000base-T SFP included.

Standard LC Connections with Shuttered Adapters: LC optical ports are now standard across the product line.  The new internal shutter on the LC adapters keeps dust out and improves laser safety while eliminating the need for dust caps.

Easy rack mounting: The mounting brackets have been improved to allow the screws to be placed in the rack prior to mounting.  Therefore, you won’t need to balance the device in the rack while installing mounting screws.

New Processor: NIS built INTERCEPTORNX with an all-new processor platform that has the processing power required for future improvements.  

By upgrading to INTERCEPTORNX, organizations can experience unparalleled security, efficiency and heightened situational awareness. This advanced solution ensures seamless connections to classified networks and effortless compliance with Cybersecurity and Compliance Review Inspections (CCRIs). With INTERCEPTORNX, organizations can unlock a new level of performance and peace of mind.

Network Integrity Systems (NIS) is a leading provider of advanced network security solutions for the US Federal Government and Military. With a strong focus on innovation and customer satisfaction, NIS delivers cutting-edge products and services to protect classified networks.  Click here for more info, or to speak with a Sales Engineer about a complimentary consultation.  



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