Gaining Control of Your Long-Haul Optical Infrastructure

What if you could predict a data outage, intrusion or security breech on your long-haul optical infrastructure before it happened?  What if you could be immediately alerted that an event was taking place, redirect cameras and dispatch appropriate response teams, preventing or reducing the impacts of an event which could have a catastrophic impact to your business and affect the lives of your customers? With long-haul infrastructure monitoring, you can!

Long-haul fiber-optic infrastructure is the lifeline of the modern world, connecting individuals, businesses, and governments across the globe. With the increasing demand for high-speed data transfer and seamless communication, the importance of this infrastructure has only grown in recent years. It provides a reliable and secure network, enabling us to access information, conduct business, and communicate with each other from anywhere in the world. Without it, the world as we know it would come to a standstill, causing a ripple effect of economic and social consequences. Hence, safeguarding this infrastructure is crucial, and long-haul infrastructure monitoring is the need of the hour.

Despite its importance, long-haul fiber-optic infrastructure is not immune to damage caused by accidental or intentional means. In fact, the 2019 DIRT report by the Common Ground Alliance revealed that nearly 205,000 telecom damage events were recorded, surpassing the number of damages to natural gas, electric, water, and sewer facilities combined, due to excavators damaging underground telecommunications facilities. This highlights the criticality of monitoring and safeguarding this essential infrastructure to prevent operational disruptions and data security breaches.The aftermath of such damage is not limited to just financial loss, penalties, and repair costs but can also lead to operational disruptions and data security breaches, underscoring the criticality of monitoring and safeguarding this essential infrastructure.

With Network Integrity Systems’ FOCUS infrastructure cyber security solutions, you can rest easy knowing that Distributed Acoustic Sensing (DAS) technology is keeping an eye on your long-haul infrastructure health and security. By creating a sensor that spans the entire length of the cable, any event that threatens the integrity of the infrastructure is quickly identified with pin-point location, tracked, and alarmed where necessary, thereby giving you time to mobilize the appropriate response teams and reduce the potential risk of downtime or data security breaches.

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