Protecting Telecom Infrastructure: Ensuring Uninterrupted Connectivity & Unparalleled Security

Imagine having the capability to detect imminent danger approaching the location of your long-haul optical cable infrastructure Or imagine the capability to detect physical intrusions, tampering or vandalism instantaneously as it happens. This enhanced situational awareness provides network operation centers the crucial information needed to quickly dispatch response teams to prevent or minimize potential catastrophic consequences for your business and customers. This remarkable capability is offered by Network Integrity System’s FOCUSNX long-haul fiber-optic infrastructure monitoring solutions.   

What is Long-Haul Fiber-Optic Infrastructure? 

Long-haul fiber-optic infrastructure is the backbone of the modern world, connecting individuals, businesses, and governments worldwide. As the demand for high-speed data transfer and seamless communication increases, the importance of this infrastructure has grown significantly. It provides a reliable and secure network that enables us to access information, conduct business, and communicate with each other from anywhere in the world. Without it, the world as we know it would come to a halt, causing economic and social consequences. 

Importance of Infrastructure Monitoring 

Despite its immense significance, long-haul infrastructure is vulnerable to damages caused by both intentional and unintentional actions. Startling statistics from the 2022 Common Ground Alliance DIRT Report reveal a staggering number of unique damages exceeding 200,000 in a single year. Excavation and construction stakeholders were identified as the primary offenders responsible for these incidents. Telecommunications and natural gas infrastructure were the most frequently affected facilities. These findings emphasize the urgent need for heightened awareness and proactive measures to protect critical infrastructure and prevent disruptive incidents. Therefore, long-haul infrastructure monitoring has become an essential requirement in today's world. 

Be Proactive with Network Integrity Systems 

To learn more about how NIS' FOCUS solution harnesses the power of DAS technology and enables proactive safeguarding of the health and security of your long-haul network infrastructure, click here or contact us to speak with an expert.  





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