Don't Overlook Perimeter Intrusion Detection

Perimeter Intrusion Detection is a critical, yet often overlooked, part of an organization’s security posture. Detection of perimeter events give an advantage to responders, allows automated response mechanisms, and provides additional protection for both employees and assets.


Without detection, responders are often blind to an intrusion until the intended attack is executed. Cameras are installed as a detection mechanism, but coverage issues and monitoring requirements frequently relegate them to the role of identifying what happened after the fact.

With detection in place, cameras and other security assets can be proactively directed to the area of concern. Other assets such as lighting and locks can be automatically activated to deter further intrusions.


NIS's SENTINEL technology effectively provides an invisible sensor along the entire length of the permitter, which can automatically detect clim, cut and fence fabric lift activities as they happen. 

If you have questions about how our SENTINEL Perimeter Detection Solutions can help with your physical security posture, view our new brochure to learn more.  

Interested in a live demo of our products, visit (virtually or in-person) Rock City, our Research & Demonstration Facility. 

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