Universal Cyber Sensors

Protect against copper and fiber theft, vandalism, and unauthorized access of network infrastructure by enabling 24/7/365 monitoring of access points such as manholes, hand holes and equipment cabinets.

The Universal Cyber Sensor and Cyber Sensor Controller is a multi-tiered system that protects network infrastructure by
monitoring manholes, handholes, and any type of physical enclosure or simple door cabinets from unauthorized access that could result in tampering, data theft or denial of service attacks.


The Universal Cyber Sensor

The Universal Cyber Sensor is a fiber optic-enabled device that requires zero power and onfigures to fit any organization’s monitoring needs. Whether detection of an open or closed unit is a concern, or an alert for fiber optic signal loss is a priority, the Universal Cyber Sensor works to match any security concern. The sensors come in many different varieties and can be configured to monitor and detect strain and tension variations, and vibrational and acoustical anomalies. Additional configurable options include changes in pressure, temperature, and other environmental factors. A sensor’s alarm starts the chain of alerts for first responders and the supplementary CyberSecure IMS software interface directs them exactly to the compromised site through a real-time geospatial map.

Universal Cyber Sensors can be implemented in any location. Facilities in remote locations find them ideal since they can span hundreds of miles with no power demands and withstand harsh environments. (An operating temperature range of -40° to +80°C [-40° to +176°F] and an operating life of one million cycles.)

For use in infrastructure security applications in the United States and abroad.

Universal Cyber Sensor

The Cyber Sensor Controller

The Cyber Sensor Controller is the physical interface for the Universal Cyber Sensors and connects directly with CyberSecure IMS software application. Each controller can support hundreds of Universal Cyber Sensors, allowing for long-distance intrusion monitoring.

The latest generation of Cyber Sensor Controllers supports up to 50 sensors per channel

Universal Cyber Sensor Controller
  • Manhole protection (detects the removal of covers within seconds)
  • Government networks and infrastructure
  • Power plants and utility providers (electrical substations, water treatment plants, and more)
  • Cell Towers
  • Pipeline protection and leak detection
  • Bridge structural integrity
  • Mass transit / rail systems
  • Perimeter monitoring (restricted areas) and border protection
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