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Defending the Power Grid with NIS’ Converged Cyber & Physical Security (CCPS) Solutions

Utilizing military-grade technologies, NIS' Converged Cyber & Physical Security solutions (CCPS) provide a front-line defense against attacks on critical infrastructure.Our systems defend and protect both perimeters and critical network infrastructure, such as SCADA systems, from...

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Don't Overlook Perimeter Intrusion Detection

Perimeter Intrusion Detection is a critical, yet often overlooked, part of an organization’s security posture. Detection of perimeter events give an advantage to responders, allows automated response mechanisms, and provides additional protection for both employees and assets.


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In the face of a pandemic, NIS keeps working to keep our nation safe

Network Integrity Systems (NIS) is a Hickory, North Carolina based technology company providing Converged Cyber & Physical Security (CCPS) solutions. Since 2003, NIS has deployed thousands of cyber security devices to support the U.S. Government and Military’s efforts to secure...

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Never be Vulnerable, Especially in a Time of Crisis

As the FBI and DHS warn that hackers, both state sponsored and domestic actors, are targeting US universities, pharmaceutical and healthcare firms amid coronavirus vaccine research, these organizations seek to increase their cyber security defenses to protect this valuable...

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What’s been happening at Rock City?

Network Integrity Systems has a Research and Demonstration facility located in Hickory, NC, USA that we affectionately call Rock City.At this location, we conduct fundamental research, testing, product evaluations, as well as customer demonstrations of our Cyber and Perimeter...

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NIS Can Protect Your Most Critical Assets

Whether it's protecting your network infrastructure or your perimeter from attack...Network Integrity Systems is the answer.

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NIS Names Amanda Hetzel Business Chief of Staff

Hickory, N.C. (May 1, 2020) - Network Integrity Systems (NIS), the leader in converged cyber and physical security solutions, is pleased to announce that  Amanda Hetzel has been named Business Chief of Staff.

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NIS Introduces Hardware End-of-Life Policy

Due to our unprecedented growth in the data and perimeter security markets and the technology advances we have made or have planned, NIS has implemented a Hardware End-of-Life policy and notification process.

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Your Network Is a Lifeline

Network Integrity Systems ensures the integrity and security of the network when it matters most.

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Webinar: Protecting Your ASSets - Now More Important Than Ever

Attend a LIVE WEBINAR from NIS 

The Perimeter.  Your first line of defense is often vulnerable and frequently subject to intrusion.  Sites often rely on inadequate manpower or CCTV systems to monitor their perimeter and assets.  Those countermeasures are rarely 100% effective.

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